Peace-Love award

Peace-Love Writer Award is created by Blogger PATRICKSTORIES on the 1st of April 2018. I would like to thank PATRICKSTORIES for creating an award that recognizes the value of spreading love and peace throughout the entire world without any separation. Would also like to thank  tishacutie16 of  Brainy essays  for nominating me for this award. Thank you so much for spreading love … Continue reading Peace-Love award

Why do we continue to live?

My near-death experience gave me insight into why we continue to live and fight for our lives. I have been doing intensified meditation and my cerebral fluid started raising its pressure to the top of my head. I was going through a severe headache and pain inside my eyes. It was unbearable and finally decided … Continue reading Why do we continue to live?

Experience of oneness/unity consciousness

Oneness for me is simply experiencing we are all one as a whole and working towards the same goal which is to reach our higher selves and experience the supreme and eternal bliss. At the same time raising the vibration in order to maximize our planetary evolution. It is just like how cells in our … Continue reading Experience of oneness/unity consciousness